What Annexation Will Cost Annexed Residents

If your home

value is:

Your city tax will be



If your home

value is:

Your city tax will be






















In addition, as a city resident you will pay the following "fees":


Storm Water Fee (Water Quality Fee):  $79.20 per year


Sewer Fees:  3% increase if already on sewers,

                       double your water bill if you are on a septic tank when sewers

                       are provided whether you hook up or not. 


Pet Licenses:  $25.00 per pet / per year


Vehicle sticker:  $25.00 per year (increasing from $5 to $25)


Sewer hook-up:  $2,000 to $10,000 depending on distance to sewer line, soil composition, depth, etc.


A family living in a $150K home with 2 cars, one pet and septic tank converted to sewers will pay approximately

$1,440 MORE PER YEAR when annexed.

(not including the cost to hook to the sewer line)

This is simply not worth "free" garbage collection, a modest (if any) savings on your homeowner's insurance.  Don't allow the city to do this.  Donate to HCRAA's Legal Fund!


Donate today.

We are asking for $300 per family in all 2009 annexation zones whether you are "On Hold" or not.

If your area is "On Hold," it is only so due to the actions of HCRAA, Inc.  No other group has brought about any legal action which has halted the city's take over.  We cannot continue our efforts without EVERY affected resident's support.  If you can't afford $300, please donate whatever you can.  We cannot guarantee you will never be annexed, but we can guarantee that you WILL be a city resident in 2011 if you live in a zone which has already been annexed by ordinance if we do not fight this battle in court.  If we are forced to drop our lawsuits due to an inability to pay our attorneys, it is very likely that even areas "On Hold" will be annexed before the end of 2010.