Lawsuits must be filed within 30 days of the passage of the 2nd reading of the annexation ordinance.  Plaintiffs MUST reside in the area which has been annexed-  HCRAA cannot by law file a lawsuit on your behalf. 

Currently Phase 2 annexations are "On Hold" by the mayor and city council pending City/County discussions of Metro Government and/or consolidation of services.  We feel this is a tactic to dilute community support and donations for our cause as this is a ploy that has been used by other municipalities in Tennessee when groups such as ours form.  As county residents, we must remain vigilant and supportive of those who are facing annexation.  Just because your neighborhood may be "On Hold" does not mean that you should ignore what continues to happen.  Because of HCRAA's efforts alone, the city has left the largest areas of East Brainerd in limbo (we feel pending the outcome of the first few court cases).  Please understand that because HCRAA, Inc. facilitated plaintiffs filing lawsuits and are paying all legal fees, no areas involved in litigation or "On Hold" will pay property taxes for 2010 and most likely 2011 regardless of the outcome of the first round of lawsuits.  This is a real savings for every family involved made possible by your financial support.

Those who have donated a few hundred dollars have saved thousands of homeowners at least two years worth of city property tax payments in this difficult economic environment.  In order to continue the effort, we need your financial support.  Even if you have donated in the past, please consider what our efforts have saved you and please donate again TODAY.  We cannot continue to operate unfunded.  Do not let the city's divide and conquer tactics force you in to the city of Chattanooga due to apathy! 


Litigation Updates:

4/19/2011:  First court date will be June 1, 2011

10/31/2011:  First court date postponed to June 18, 2012